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Conquer Anxiety, Depression, Allergies

The Body Code is a state of the art healing technique and in addressing any disorder or illness ranging from anxiety, depression, allergies etc. to arthritis, morning sickness and skin problems we use specific questioning, charts and muscle testing ( kinesiology) to get precise answers from your subconscious about imbalances in your body that need to be addressed.

Where do I start?

The first step is to contact me to set up an appointment. We can discuss options to either target a particular physical or emotional  problem, or you can keep it more general and request to address imbalances that are preventing  you from achieving total wellness or your true potential. The process is simple and fast, but also effective and long-lasting. you don't need to know much about how it all works, you just need to be ready and willing to heal.

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What is The Body Code

Energies and Pathogens

To correct these areas of imbalance we use simple yet powerful energy work to identify and remove damaging emotional and mental energies that can become trapped in the body during stressful emotional events. Pathogens are destructive and often elusive infections but can be easily identified along with any necessary remedies to rid the body of them

Circuitry and Misalignments

Here we balance the energy systems of the body including the chrakras, the acupuncture meridians, the connection of the spiritual and physical body and the energy circutis of the organs and glands. Structural imbalances in the bones, muscles & tissues can be treated non-invasively to gently restore stability to the physical body.

Toxicity and Nutrition

The Body Code can identify and address toxic agents that don't show up on medical tests as well as those that do. Removing them is simple and often immediate. Your body knows exactly what nutrition it needs and can rebalance issues such as dehydration, magnetic field deficiency or a need for a certain healing food or herb.

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